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Logo design, brand application and website design

Les Gris Logo Design

Les Gris Bed & Breakfast is an idyllic and fully renovated farmhouse in a quiet hamlet, seven kilometres from the centre of the bastide town of Villefranche-de-Rouergue in France.

SJ Creative Partners designed the logo and advised on website platform choice before building the site using Logify. We recommeded this platform as it  links the calendar to both airbnb and to avoid double bookings.

The logo and stationery branding was inspired by both the beautiful simple shapes of the wrought iron found around the property and the stunning magnolia tree.

What we offer

Yes we do graphic design but it’s more than that, it’s creative thinking, it’s bringing brands alive and it’s working with you to create the best brands we can and make great brands even better.

When it comes to graphic design, there are endless options SJ Creative Partners can offer.

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The SJ Creative Partners team are the best of the best - creatively driven design professionals who not only always do great work, but with that also always comes the best of customer service and delivery – thorough understanding of the need, responsive, friendly, imaginative, proactive, diligent and enjoyable to work with.  They are a hidden gem in a sea of graphic designers and when you start to work with them you will see why. 

Andrew Basham

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