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Graphic design for events

Let us design your perfect event with our branding and graphic design expertise

We create designs that fit around the experience you want your event and your audience to have. Whatever stage you’re at with your event, whether you’re building awareness and hype for your event, attracting people to register or book, producing the event itself, or following up with your audience afterwards, we can help with all your event graphics and branding needs.

Make it memorable

We know what’s needed to keep your event visually engaging, consistent and memorable, whether it’s for small events, national conferences or exhibitions, launches or internal communications events. 


By using graphic visuals, imagery and design, we can help you create the right feeling for your event from the outset. It might need to create an energetic, uplifting and positive feeling in your audience, or something a little more serious and industry-focused. Whatever experience you wish your audience to take away with them, we can help get you there.

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Our design experience covers a wide range of sectors

For over 25 years, we have helped design event graphics and branding for a wide range of sectors such as:

sj creative partners events icon pharma

Pharma and Healthcare

sj creative partners events icon financial

​Financial services

sj creative partners events icon oil and gas

Oil and Gas

sj creative partners events icon alternative energy

Alternative energies

sj creative partners events icon charity


sj creative partners events icon automotive


sj creative partners events icon technology

Industrial technologies

sj creative partners events icon travel


All event types covered

You might need graphics for your live event, a purely virtual event or a hybrid of the two. Our extensive experience will ensure you can depend on us to deliver a fantastic result for any situation.

Live, virtual or hyrbid events

Networking events

A seminar or half-day event


Internal events

Trade shows and exhibitions


Townhall events

Team building events

Virtual events

Speaker sessions



Award ceremonies


SJ Creative Partners LNG Export event branding

Design for any phase of your event marketing

Designing for the event itself is a massive part of what we do. Building awareness of your event and ensuring people turn up is just as crucial and our designs can help you achieve this.

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Who we work with

looking for speedy graphics for your event collateral.

looking for an injection
of ideas into your slide designs.

looking for a stand design and a brochure or flyer to give out at your stand.

looking for graphic aids to run your workshop.

What do we design? Anything!

Depending on your event, you may have many items to design or just a few. Here are just some of things we typically design. If you need something that isn’t listed, just contact us as we’re pretty sure we can design for anything.

Design for print

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Event stand graphics or skins

  • Posters

  • Step and repeat boards

Design for digital

  • Powerpoint, G-slides or Keynote

  • Slide animations

  • Speaker slides

  • Awards slides

  • Pre and Post event emailers

  • Websites

  • Social media advertising

  • Digital brochures

Why use us

Creative flair

We use a potent mix of creative flair and technical know-how, adding up to clear and compelling visuals that tell your story, support your brand and always get people talking.

Look great and have impact

We use data visualisation and custom graphics to ensure every touchpoint conveys your message in a format your audience immediately understands.

Keep it fresh​

Keep your audience coming back year after year with fresh new designs.

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