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At SJ Creative Partners, we believe that your Brand is so much more than just a logo. It's the heart and soul of your company, reflecting everything you stand for – from your amazing products or services to your core values, the incredible people behind it, and even the emotions it evokes. In essence, it's your brand's unique personality shining through!

Ever wondered why certain brands stick in our minds and evoke powerful emotions? Would you like to experience the excitement of creating a captivating brand with us as we shape your brand during our process of design development or re-development? In today's fast-paced world, there's no room for a tired brand. That's why now is the perfect time to examine the impact your brand is making. Visual representation is absolutely crucial in a crowded market. Whether you're an established company looking to stay competitive or a new player hoping to make a splash, your brand needs to steal the spotlight and leave a lasting impression on people. It should ignite emotions, spark interest, and move people to action – it's like your brand's visual elevator pitch, telling a whole story with just a glance! We firmly believe in aligning the values and goals of your business or product with your audience, resulting in brands that are not only relevant but also incredibly memorable and successful. Remember the saying, "People don't like to be sold to, but they love to buy"? That's why building familiarity is key. When people are familiar with your brand's elements and values, they feel an intimate connection, drawing them in like a magnet. Your brand becomes that something special that makes people excited to engage with you. So let's embark on this journey together and create a brand that speaks to hearts, minds, and emotions – making your business truly unforgettable!

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SJ Creative Partners is a branding agency in Surrey. Companies come to us when they want a different look or to be perceived differently.

How SJ Creative Partners approaches branding

Visually, the logo is the recognisable face of your Brand and along with the tag line, helps project your company’s personality. All too often, this ends up being the beginning and the end of the branding exercise for some companies. But a brand is so much more than this. For instance, sometimes the founder and their personality are at its heart, such as with Tesla and Dyson. Or, a company’s visual style and tone of voice and how it projects itself through media is a central feature.


At the centre of our efforts is the belief that the Brand’s real goal is to reflect the aspirations of its target audience. This means that your brand image needs to be much more than an inward reflection of the company, its values and people. Our approach is to help you understand these and embody them in a brand that makes it both relevant and appealing to its audience, and which translates well across a variety of different media.


Start by asking yourself how you want people to ‘feel’ when they connect with your Brand. What emotion and feelings do you want it to evoke - desire, love, warmth, friendship, inspiration, excitement, etc? It’s questions like these that help us uncover the outward brand personality with which you wish to be associated.

What is at the core of a successful brand?


External and financial success relates to how well the company behind the Brand has developed vital factors such as trust, familiarity, loyalty and value. Internally, success is driven by such elements as core company values and vision, the passion a company has for what it does and how this is instilled in its management and workforce, the product or service on offer and how these all reflect the aspirations of its audience.

Company values and vision

Passion instilled in management and workforce

The product or service and its market audience

How these reflect the aspirations of its audience

diagram showing the core of a successful brand





Aspects such as these, help tune the personality of the Brand, and it’s these we look to discover and understand first when you first engage with us.

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Is a Brand more than just designing a logo?


Essentially yes. The visual fundamentals of a Brand is a set of tangible elements that work together to help your company communicate and resonate with your audience. These can be elements such as:

A colour scheme

A limited number of colours chosen to represent the personality and nature of the Brand.



A font set that helps evoke a unique style.


Tone of voice

The style of language as this can differ dramatically depending on the business, for instance, between lifestyle consumer and legal businesses.



This is the visual representation of a brand. Great logos can become iconic.


Tag line

An iconic logo is easily recognisable, but often it’s the tag line that’s more memorable.

Using your new Brand


Consistency of a Brand is essential. Your Brand should always be portrayed in the same way, every time your audience comes into contact with it. Even down to the size and use of logos and tag lines.


To achieve this, we create Brand guidelines that you can share with those who wish to include your Brand in their communications. Naturally, as the media use changes, so too does the format, and so we anticipate this. The result is a set of brief details as to how you expect to see your Brand represented across different types of media, in print and on digital devices.

Brand guidelines may cover:

  • Logo applications

  • Sizes and formats to use

  • Whitespace requirements

  • Options for black and white or inverse colouring

  • Your corporate font, sizing and colour palette

  • The tone of voice to use in connection with your Brand

  • What your Brand cannot be associated with

  • The type of imagery to use

Rolling out your new Brand


Armed with a fresh identity and a professional new logo in hand, you’ll no doubt be keen to get it seen. SJ Creative Partners can bring your brand elements to life, ensuring consistent branding across every element of your business. We design everything in the most creative way possible and ensure your Brand is seen and perceived as you want it to be.

The list of what we can apply your Brand to is limitless but the main items include:

  • Digital or printed brochures

  • Digital stationery

  • Websites

  • Social media channels

  • Powerpoint presentation templates

  • Email templates

  • Event branding

  • Advertising, digital or physical

  • Branded business vehicles; workwear etc

  • Internal communications are also a big part of where we can help add the internal success factor to your Brand

Device showing rolling out of new brand
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We’ll ensure that your new Brand is consistent across all your communication channels

Brand management


By this point, your company will have spent a lot of effort re-shaping your Brand and turning into 'that special something'. Your Brand is a significant source of competitive advantage. You need to protect it.

SJ Creative Partners can act as your brand guardians to ensure the messaging and look and feel is always in-keeping with your visual identity.

We can protect your brand, providing consistency across all elements, while ensuring your brand evolves over time and remains fresh and current.


We can act as an extension of your team i.e. provide consultancy to advise on brand guidelines and ensure consistency across all channels.

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At SJ Creative Partners, we work with our clients to build and develop brands that successfully engage with their market and become recognised

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