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Creation of a brand identity covering a logo design, event signage, digital advertising, powerpoint presentation and post event comms.

Branding and graphic design for a Clevertouch Event


Clevertouch, renowned for creating cutting-edge marketing technology through consultancy and propriety software, aimed to host a successful half-day event at the beautiful Kew Gardens. Focused on Sustainable Martech, the event targeted CMOs and Senior Marketers, promising insightful presentations and delightful refreshments.


The brand identity seamlessly blended the essence of Kew Gardens' natural beauty with the theme of sustainable technology, all while incorporating the distinctive Clevertouch branding.


The carefully crafted brand identity resonated with attendees, capturing the imagination of CMOs and Senior Marketers alike. With a visually captivating logo and consistent branding across all marketing collateral, the event achieved resounding success, attracting a substantial audience. Clevertouch's commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology left a lasting impression, solidifying their position as industry leaders and champions of innovative solutions.

What we offer

Yes we do graphic design but it’s more than that, it’s creative thinking, it’s bringing brands alive and it’s working with you to create the best brands we can and make great brands even better.

When it comes to graphic design, there are endless options SJ Creative Partners can offer.

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The SJ Creative Partners team are the best of the best - creatively driven design professionals who not only always do great work, but with that also always comes the best of customer service and delivery – thorough understanding of the need, responsive, friendly, imaginative, proactive, diligent and enjoyable to work with.  They are a hidden gem in a sea of graphic designers and when you start to work with them you will see why. 

Andrew Basham

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